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Buying Rigtalk training and tests

Please contact the Rigtalk office to buy training and tests by e-mailing:


You will be sent an e-mail setting out the payment details with the choice of payment including use of our secure, online 24 hour system.

For more information please be sure to contact us using our contact form.

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Approved Test Centre Responsibilities

Quick Help Links for Administrators

We have developed Rigtalk, an online English language proficiency testing system, specifically to meet the needs of the global energy sector.  Rigtalk serves as a ‘screening’ tool to assess if a candidate could work safely - in terms of English language competence - in an immersed English speaking environment.

A vital part of the system is how accurate and dependable our results are.  As an Approved Test Centre, we need YOU to work with US to keep standards high and consistent.  This means accuracy and honesty in all use of the Rigtalk system.  


The high security of Rigtalk reflects it being a high-stakes testing system. As well as administrators verifying student identification, students’ voices are recorded and stored securely online should any question of identification arise.  However, the ethos and atmosphere of fairness and accuracy depends also on those administering the Rigtalk system – namely our Approved Test Centres.

Please be assured of our full support in any matters relating to security and accuracy.  

Should you need to contact us with information or for clarification you can be certain of our sensitive and fair handling of matters.

Rigtalk Approved Test Centres

Welcome to the Approved Test Centre page.  
Please note: Information provided here is confidential and available for Test Centre use only.

Test Centre Information

You can find out more details about specific areas of Rigtalk by clicking on the links on the right.

If you need more information please contact us

Setting Up Rigtalk for Listening and Speaking

Buying Training and Testing

Rigtalk Testing Standards and the CEFR

Rigtalk and CEFR Relationship

The duties of Proctors (Administrators)

Getting Wimba Voice to work

Training and Testing Procedure

Questions that Students ask

Advanced Mouse Reminders

Advanced Keyboard Reminders

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